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Out of the Box Technology is Hiring!

We're Hiring! Out of the Box Technology is Hiring. Go to our Career Center and submit your application.

Out of the Box Technology is Hiring!

Out of the Box Technology is hiring! Yes! You heard that right, we are hiring! 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for a company that impacts small business success nationally? To work for a company that businesses across the country depend on for accounting and financial guidance and support?

What if Out of the Box Technology was one of the leading companies taking those businesses to the next level? Whose mission is, and always has been, to provide innovative solutions that empower businesses to exceed their goals and expectations?

Would you be inclined to join this terrific team of talented individuals dedicated to client success and satisfaction? Would you do the best work of your life knowing that you are positively affecting local business success?

If you are looking for a career, and you answered yes to the last two questions, then we want you!  We want professionals that are interested in a career with us and we prioritize internal promotion! Click here to apply for one of our open positions now!

We look forward to learning more about you and where you will take us!

Read on to learn about us and how you can become part of the solution for national business success!

Introduction to Out of the Box Technology

Out of the Box Technology is a rapidly growing company and a leader in end-to-end QuickBooks Solutions. We are honored with Intuit’s Elite distinction in the QuickBooks Solution Provider Program. Our company motto is “Anything + Everything QuickBooks,” and we own that statement in every way! But you do not have to take our word for it, see for yourself what our clients say.

Our solution offerings start with QuickBooks, but they do not stop there. We offer a wide range of business services, including consultation. We also offer automation solutions, training and education, and whole suite of data services, and many partner products too! As a result, our solution offerings are customized to fit each specific client’s business needs and/or challenges. With that in mind, our clients know their challenges will be resolved.

Out of the Box Technology: Who We Are

Out of the Box Technology, an Elite QuickBooks Solution Provider, is disrupting the accounting and finance software consultation space. With our talented team of expert ProAdvisors, with over 360 years of combined experience, our Advanced Consultants can handle anything! Paired with our innovative consultation methodology, our clients are breaking through barriers, experiencing explosive growth, and reaping the many benefits of our partnership.

Why Join Our Team?

In the following paragraphs, you will learn about our passions, our culture, your opportunities, and the benefits of working here. Let us share with you what we have to offer to you and the rest of the business world!

Passion for Business Progression

Out of the Box Technology Our Passion for Business Progression

At Out of the Box Technology, we love watching our clients overcome challenges and grow. We are dedicated to local business success and the happiness of our clients. We will stop at nothing to resolve client issues and we do not turn down any client requests. Because of this, clients keep coming to us with their business challenges and we keep delivering our value.

Based on the latest information from the Small Business Administration (SBA), there are over 30 million small businesses nationwide. These businesses provide an income to owners and their employees, who in turn provide for their families. There are also many other ways in which small businesses benefit their local communities.

Out of the Box Technology is unwaveringly passionate about supporting these businesses, and the trickle-down effect that they have on local economies nationwide.

Our Company Culture

Out of the Box Technology Our Company Culture

Out of the Box Technology considers all of it’s employees as family. You will commonly hear the company as a whole referred to as the “Out of the Box Technology family.” Our “family” is comprised of dedicated, intelligent, and hardworking professionals who love what they do. We come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and industry experience. As a result, we all understand the various complexities and challenges that businesses face in different industries.

The company culture at Out of the Box Technology is best described as a remote, work hard, play hard culture. Everybody is ready to pull up their sleeves in the morning and execute tasks with skill and integrity. Meetings at Out of the Box Technology are collaborative and engaging. Everyone’s voice is heard, ideas are welcomed, and relationships are built and strengthened through participation and partnership. Not to mention, it is a time to connect with colleagues and have some fun while learning and growing.

Your Opportunities & Benefits

Out of the Box Technology Your Benefits and Opportunities

As a member of the Out of the Box Technology family, you will be presented with many opportunities for advancement. Likewise, you will experience the many benefits that come with employment with us.

Your Opportunities

We want professionals that are interested in a career with us and we highly prioritize internal promotion!

Out of the Box Technology is not your average company where you are known only by your badge number. Out of the Box Technology knows who you are, what contributions you’ve made, and celebrates and rewards you for both. Because we are a rapidly growing company in a constantly evolving space, expansion is frequent, and with that comes advancement opportunities. At Out of the Box Technology you will have a platform on which to showcase your skills and expertise. You can choose to develop and grow within your function or you can branch out and expand your skillset. Whatever you choose to do, we look forward to learning more about where you will take us!

Your Benefits
Career Satisfaction

Out of the Box Technology takes great care of it’s family. As a result, the family takes great care of the organization. A happy family takes great care of happy clients and happy clients take great care of their families. When clients are happy, they also take great care of us, and the cycle continues. We thrive on supporting our local economies and spreading happiness throughout the nation. This is our greatest benefit, and we know you will find more career satisfaction here than anywhere else.

Career Development

Here at Out of the Box Technology, we care about our family and we want you to learn and grow. We want to help professionals develop their skillset within a meaningful and fulfilling career. This is why we invest so heavily in the future of our teams. In addition to all of the amazing benefits you will read about, we also have our own internal training academy! The Out of the Box Technology Academy is a new and exciting resource open to all employees. Our training academy, separate from our orientation and onboarding programs, deliver the training you need to be a QuickBooks expert! There are modules for all skill levels so what matters more is not where you start, but where you end. With this resource, among others, you can add to your skillset and develop the career of your choosing. We’re excited to see you grow with us.

Insurance: Medical, Dental, and Vision

That’s right! Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance coverage is available for all full-time employees. Many organizations cannot afford to provide these insurance benefits to their employees. Many career seekers, especially in the growing gig economy, are contractors that must secure their own insurance coverage. And at great cost at that! However, Out of the Box Technology offers full-time employment with these benefits. This means that you never have to worry about ensuring you and your family have coverage. We want our family to feel secure should an unpredictable and unfortunate life event occur. Maintaining focus on what’s most important and working confidently knowing that you and your family are covered is our goal. And this benefit has allowed us to achieve that goal.

Retirement Plans

With more than 60% of Americans not being prepared for retirement this benefit is both important and necessary. On top of that, nearly half of Americans struggle with retirement. After you have worked to pay your debts for 40+ years, will you have enough saved to maintain your lifestyle? Even if you retire late at age 70, and let’s say you live another 15 years… Will you have enough saved to pay your bills for the next 15 years? What if you live even longer? These are the concerns that people face when planning retirement. Those that do not plan for retirement well will most likely need to live with family, risking becoming a burden.

At Out of the Box Technology, we offer retirement plans AND we also have an in-house retirement planning expert! In partnership with Out of the Box Wealth Advisors, we help to ensure our employees prepare well for their future. We understand that retirement is a necessary component of quality of life and we want you to be happy!

Company-wide Performance Bonuses

At Out of the Box Technology, everyone receives a bonus, minus C-level executives. Based on company and departmental performance, Out of the Box Technology shares in the fruits of your labor. We understand that money, while not a main driver, is a motivation for professionals. We also believe in the trickle down effect, remember that? The more we help our local businesses, the more we can help you, too! We believe that prosperity should be shared and one of the ways we actualize this belief is through our bonuses.

Competitive Compensation

We have analyzed our market and we are well aware of what typical compensation is for each position. We also believe in compensating someone equal to their skillset. Based on these two factors, we are confident that our compensation is among the most competitive in our industry.

With a career at Out of the Box Technology, you will also have an opportunity for annual compensation evaluation. It is important to us to ensure that your compensation remains equal to your skillset as you learn and grow. More importantly, we want you to be happy and we want to enable you to provide for your family as best as we can.

Where You Fit In

Out of the Box Technology is experiencing explosive growth, frequent expansion, and we want you to have a career with us! There are many positions open now, and more positions open up every day. We encourage you to keep checking our Career Center on our website if you do not see a position that interests you. We hire in the following departments:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Administration (Executive Assistants)
  • Business Development/Sales
  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Service (Advanced Consultants, Data Technicians, and Bookkeepers)
  • Strategic Partnerships

To reiterate, we want professionals with interest in a career with us and we prioritize internal promotion! If you are looking for a career with a company that supports small businesses, then we want you! Click here to apply for one of our open positions now!

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