Thinking about selling your CPA/CFO firm?

If you are currently thinking about selling your CPA, CFO or Bookkeeping firm and moving on to the next chapter of your life, we may have the right liquidity solution for you

Broad Guidelines for Valuations

The below web page “How Small Businesses Are Valued Based on Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (SDE)” outlines some of the general guidelines for determining enterprise valuation.

Our Deal Structure

For the right types of CPA, CFO and bookkeeping firms, we typically look at offering at least 70% payment upfront at the deal’s closing, and the balance (i.e., 30%) comprising of either seller equity roll or deferred payments over a few years. The seller does not need to have an active roll in the business past a transitional period.

For acquisition, an ideal CPA/CFO firm would have

  • Annual revenue of between $1MM and $10MM
  • Employee Count between approximately 10 to 75 people.
  • Annual revenue should (at minimum) be approximately seventy five percent derived directly or indirectly from corporate/B2B clients.
  • Strong Employee & Client Retention

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