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QuickBooks Desktop Bills: The Accounts Payable Cheat Sheet

Bills in QuickBooks are a transaction reflecting what you owe to a vendor, sometimes referred to outside QuickBooks as vendor invoices. Ensuring complete and accurate entry of bills into QuickBooks can be a huge help in understanding and managing your business’ expenses. Let’s look at some of the basics of entering bills in QuickBooks, and the tools you can use for this process to make your work simpler.

UDAS for QuickBooks Desktop: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Errors and other unexpected issues in QuickBooks can cause a lot of trouble, and in some cases, they can be a huge pain to try and diagnose to find a root cause. Luckily, there’s a fantastic troubleshooting technique we can use to try to narrow down what the cause of an issue is, which may save you a lot of time on the phone with support agents, even if you can’t fix the issue yourself.

How to Memorize Transactions in QuickBooks

If there’s one thing that just about everyone who uses QuickBooks can agree we’re not fond of, it’s probably repetitive data entry. The tedious task of manually entering yet another transaction that’s almost or entirely the same as one we’ve already entered can be frustrating, time consuming, and opens avenues for mistakes and differences to crop up. Thankfully, there’s a way we may be able to avoid a lot of these problems, in the form of the Memorized Transaction feature.

Optimize Your Nonprofit’s Donor Lifecycle

Session Abstract:  Join us for an inside look on how to optimize your donor lifecycle! During this webinar Bradley Martin, Kindful’s Sr. Director of Customer Acquisition, will share tips and tricks on how to acquire, retain, and upgrade more donors. What you'll learn: - Donor lifecycle overview - Acquisition tips & tricks - Effectively measure...

QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcuts – How to Do More in Less Time.

One of my favorite ways to save time when I’m learning new software is to try and learn the shortcut keys for some of my more common tasks. The less time I need to spend poking around in menus and sub-menus, the more actual work I can get done. By learning some valuable shortcut keys, I give myself access to useful tools literally at my fingertips. Like most software these days, QuickBooks also includes a lot of great shortcut keys. Let’s look at some of the ones we love to use here at OUT OF THE BOX TECHNOLOGY.

What Are Opportunity Zones? Opportunity Zones can deliver significant tax savings on medium- to long-term investments in economically disadvantaged communities. This new tax incentive pertains to both the capital gains invested initially through a qualified opportunity fund, as well as capital gains earned for the investor from businesses or projects in a zone.

7 Misconceptions About Your Business Tax Returns

One of the biggest hurdles you’ll face in running your own business is staying on top of your numerous obligations to federal, state, and local tax agencies. Tax codes seem to be in a constant state of flux, making the Internal Revenue Code barely understandable to most people.

The old legal saying that “ignorance of the law is no excuse” is perhaps most often applied in tax settings and it is safe to assume that a tax auditor presenting an assessment of additional taxes, penalties, and interest will not look kindly on an “I didn’t know I was required to do that” claim. On the flip side, it is surprising how many small businesses actually overpay their taxes, neglecting to take deductions they’re legally entitled to that can help them lower their tax bill.

4 More Tax Tips for the 2018 Tax Year

1. Good Recordkeeping Benefits your Business

Avoid headaches at tax time by keeping track of your receipts and other records throughout the year. Whether you use an excel spreadsheet, an app, an online system or keep your receipts organized in a folding file organized by month, good record-keeping will help you remember the various transactions you made during the year.

What is Cloud Hosting and Why Use It: the pros and the cons

Business and The Cloud

Business, today, is more connected and spread out than ever before. Many companies have employees or contractors that may work in another building, city, state, maybe even another country. More often than ever, businesses are bridging these physical gaps with the virtual connections of the cloud. While you may be working with people hundreds or thousands of miles away, your work can all take place in one virtual office space on a cloud server.

OOTB Staff Retreat 2018

The Out Of The Box Technology team is energized once again after we all met for a team meeting at our Detroit area office. While we worked on the business, we had a lot of fun too. Wanted to share some moments with you. Be sure to click through the...

What’s New In QuickBooks 2018

WHITE PAPER: QUICKBOOKS 2018 THE INSIDE SCOOP Including QB Desktop Pro/Premier 2018 & QB Enterprise v18 Out Of The Box Technology has already implemented and tested the 2018 version of QuickBooks. After testing, we prepare a detailed white paper outlining all the new features, so you can feel fully confident before making that crucial buying...

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