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QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Diamond: What is it?


QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Diamond: What is it?

If you are currently operating on QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise and you don’t have the Diamond package, you really need to read this! This is because QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Diamond offers growing organizations an incredible opportunity to bundle products and services, and SAVE MONEY!!!

In this article, we’re going to discuss the features you can gain from the Diamond package. We’ll also showcase a success story of one of our clients who upgraded to Enterprise Diamond to maximize their savings and benefits.

Don’t miss out on this important information and don’t let this savings opportunity pass you by!


What is QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond?

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Diamond is a value package that sits at the very top of the Desktop product hierarchy. Therefore, as a top product should, everything you could ever need to run a successful business is included in this package. The QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Diamond Package includes:

You will also gain exclusive benefits, such as:

The most robust and highest-performing QuickBooks accounting solution that grows with your business, so you don’t overpay for user licenses.
  • With Diamond, you can pay for user licenses in increments of one, up to a total of 40 – you have the ability to pay in increments of one, up to a total of 10 licenses, then you can pay flat rates for up to 20, 30 & 40 user licenses, which saves you thousands of dollars annually! You can also have up to 10 additional licenses, making 40 user licenses your new maximum allowable limit.
A fully integrated payroll system that includes the lowest usage fees and free payroll tax management (Intuit pays AND files payroll taxes)
  • 50% discount on usage fees!
  • FREE payroll setup and onboarding
  • Intuit Payroll Specialists make all of your tax payments and handle all your Federal and State payroll tax filings, backed by Intuit’s accuracy guarantee – Intuit pays all tax penalties for all filings they submit (based on accurate and correct QuickBooks data provided).
  • Workforce Access – an easy-to-use resource for employees to receive copies of their paystubs and W2’s.
  • Advanced features for payroll such as detailed reporting, job costing, and certified payroll.
  • Direct deposit included!
  • Up to 3 EIN’s on 1 subscription – traditional Assisted Payroll only allows 1 EIN per subscription.
  • 24/7 live Intuit payroll support (US-based support during business hours).
A seamlessly integrated and simple-to-use time tracking solution
  • Computer desktop, in-office kiosk, or mobile app with GPS & Geofencing – perfect for any time clock experience!
  • Meet your project deadlines & come under budget with real-time project collaboration & project estimates vs actuals reporting.
  • Timely – draft invoices for all unbilled project work and send them to QuickBooks in a click.
  • Streamline billing and account management with a two-way sync between Time and Timely!
A masterfully integrated Salesforce CRM Connector that increases productivity and drives more insights for better forecasting
  • Calculate Sales Commissions from within Salesforce
  • Track and collect outstanding balances
  • Save time and money on useless data reconciliation
FREE QuickBooks Payments account with preferred rates (not included in the Diamond Package, must activate separately) and Out of the Box Technology can help you with this
  • No monthly fee!
  • Lower processing rates!
  • Your processing rates are EVEN LOWER when you set up QuickBooks Payments through Out of the Box Technology!

Diamond Package Savings Breakdown

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Platinum
  • Diamond Package Enterprise Platinum – starts at $268.00 per month, indefinitely (includes our 20% discount, only if you purchase from Out of the Box Technology).
  • Traditional Desktop Enterprise Platinum – starts at $180.00 per month for 12 months (includes Intuit’s 10% discount), then $200.00 per month.
  • Diamond Package Enterprise Platinum Cost Difference – Your cost only increases by $88.00 per month for 12 months, then only $68.00 per month after. This increase in cost will easily be offset, and more, by your product-bundling savings.

Something to Keep in Mind – User Licenses can be very costly, especially for those who require more than 10 users. All Enterprise Platinum plan rates vary by user license count. Traditional Desktop Enterprise Platinum plans charge for user licenses in increments of 1, up to 10 users. After 10 users, you must purchase a 30-user package. This increases your monthly subscription cost to $519.00 per month for 12 months (includes Intuit’s 10% discount), then $865.00 per month. Your price increases to that of a 30-user subscription, for all user counts between 11 and 30.

However, with the Diamond Package’s Enterprise Platinum, you may have up to 40 user licenses (an optional 10-user increase from 30). Most importantly, you may purchase licenses in increments of 1, up to 10 users, then pay a flat rate fee for a 20-user license, a 30-user license, or a 40-user license. This means if you require more than 10 users, but less than 20 users, then you have the option of only paying for 20 users. Because this is much less costly than having to pay for a mandatory 30-user license with traditional Desktop Enterprise Platinum plans, you will save extra money on a Diamond subscription.

QuickBooks Desktop Assisted Payroll
  • Diamond Package Assisted Payroll – No monthly base fee + $1.00 per employee, per paycheck.
  • Traditional Desktop Assisted Payroll – $109 monthly base fee + $2.00 per employee, per paycheck.
  • Diamond Package Assisted Payroll Savings – You will save a minimum of $109.00 + $1.00 per employee, per paycheck. 
QuickBooks Time Elite
  • Diamond Package QuickBooks Time Elite – No monthly base fee + $5.00 per active employee, per month.
  • Traditional QuickBooks Time Elite – $40 monthly base fee + $10.00 per active employee, per month.
  • Diamond Package QuickBooks Time Elite Savings – You will save a minimum of $40.00 per month +$5.00 per active employee, per month.
Salesforce CRM Connector
  • Diamond Package Salesforce CRM Connector – $150 monthly base fee, per company file, per month.
  • Traditional Salesforce CRM Connector – Intuit does not offer this tool for purchase separately. The developer of this tool is DBSync. Their pricing starts at $200.00 per month for QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier and is approximately $800.00 per month for Enterprise Platinum.
  • Diamond Package Salesforce CRM Connector Savings – You will save approximately $650.00 per month.
QuickBooks Payments Account
  • Diamond Package QuickBooks Payments Account – No monthly base fee for access to the lowest tier of processing rates, with additional processing rate discounts only available to those who purchase from Out of the Box Technology!
  • Traditional QuickBooks Payments Account – There are two options based on which payment schedule works best for you;
      • “Pay as you go” option – No monthly base fee for the higher processing rate tier.
      • “Pay monthly” option – $20 monthly base fee for access to the lower tier of processing rates.
  • Diamond Package QuickBooks Payments Account Savings – You will save at least $20 per month if you are on the “Pay monthly” option, and you will save countless amounts on processing fees depending on what your current rates are.

Note: The links above will open short videos in a new browser tab, providing you with a product overview. These videos are used with permission under the QuickBooks Solution Provider Program. Intuit and QuickBooks are registered trademarks of Intuit, Inc.

Important Note: All pricing is subject to change at any time, with or without notice. Please contact Out of the Box Technology to confirm current pricing.

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Who Was QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond Made For?

QuickBooks Diamond is a bundle of software and services that includes a Desktop Enterprise Platinum monthly subscription. Diamond was created to enhance the user experience of growing businesses in industries that can optimize ROI by using the Enterprise platform. These industries include:

  • Construction and Contractors
  • Manufacturing and Wholesale
  • Non-profits
  • Professional Services (most businesses fall into this category)
  • Retail and eCommerce

Why These Industries?

Construction and Contractors

Construction companies and contractors can use Enterprise Diamond to organize job costs by vendor and quickly identify outstanding bills. The use of premium features such as creating job estimates and tracking change orders allows for tighter project financial controls. Do that and more with the ability to analyze profitability on a task level with customizable job cost reporting.

Manufacturing and Wholesale

Manufacturing and Wholesale businesses will have all the tools they need to keep their inventory management and sales fulfillment on track. They can run their business accurately and efficiently from the warehouse to their customer’s doorstep.


Non-profits can create year-end donation statements to track contributions from their biggest donors. They can quickly identify their expenses and easily create Form 990 for the IRS.

Professional Services (most businesses fall into this category)

Professions can track unbilled time and expenses by employee, project, client, or service. Invoices can be sent in quickly – it only takes seconds! Professionals can pay and get paid the right amount automatically by presetting various billing rates.

Retail and eCommerce

Businesses can track their sales accurately with the Sales Summary Form. They can master their inventories and set customized reorder points so it never runs low. With Advanced Reporting capabilities, they can easily compare one month’s P&L against another month’s.

Tested & Proved by Our Clients!

In July of 2021, Out of the Box Technology came to the rescue for a client who was paying too much for a less-suitable solution.

Our client is a growing land surveying company, with several successful subsidiaries operating underneath their umbrella. They were originally paying for QuickBooks Gold with a seven-user license, and had three Assisted Payroll products (one for each entity), and were using QuickBooks Time.

After a consultation with one of our expert ProAdvisor consultants, we discovered the following:
  1. Our client had purchased these products separately from Intuit, so they were paying a la carte prices. This meant that they were paying higher rates for not bundling products and services and they were not receiving our discounts.
  2. There was a need for a more robust inventory management system, but they were not using the Advanced Inventory feature included in Enterprise Platinum.
  3. Our client was paying for multiple Assisted Payroll products because they needed one for the parent company and one for each child company (the traditional Assisted Payroll product is only setup to allow one EIN per payroll account).
After reviewing our findings with our client, we told them what we could do for them:
  • Sell them a bundle of the products they were already using (minus the upgrade from Enterprise Gold to Platinum) into the Enterprise Diamond Package, with our discounts applied, to reduce their costs.
    1. Bundling the products themselves into the Enterprise Diamond Package reduced their costs, and our discounts reduced costs ever further!
    2. Gained them access to Advanced Inventory features included in Enterprise Platinum, which helped them reduce inventory costs.
    3. Cancelled the uneccessary Assisted Payroll accounts (the Diamond Package Assisted Payroll product is setup to allow up to three EIN’s per payroll account).
The End Result:

Ultimately, our client decided to make the switch to the Diamond Package. Our client highly valued the Diamond Package’s cost savings, as well as its ease of use. To them, the switch to the Diamond Package was a no-brainer!

Today, our client is saving in excess of $800.00 per month compared to what they were paying previously. Additionally, they are overjoyed with the new features included in the Diamond Package, and they have enjoyed a revitalized trend in increasing ROI.

There are many more success stories and client reviews just like the one above. Want to see more? Check out our client reviews!

Final Thoughts

Because QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Diamond is by far the most powerful solution in its product suite, it may seem like a no-brainer solution for everyone. However, this would be a mistake because it is not for everyone. Reach out to us and ask for help with ensuring it is a right-fit solution for you. Also, after reading this article if you are not confident that Enterprise Diamond is right for your business, check out our Enterprise or Online Advanced article to give you a little more insight into two powerful alternate solutions.

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