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Accounting 101: Back to the Basics

We've made available a few video clips from Lisa McCarthy's presentation at Service World EXPO 2018. Complete the form above to receive your free links! For even more from Lisa McCarthy, and other great downloads, check out our Free Resources Interested in Lisa's book to accompany the presentation? Email to order...

Service World EXPO 2018

Another great event is on the books! Out Of The Box Technology had a great time at Service World EXPO in Las Vegas, October 10-12. Our team enjoyed making connections with new business owners and meeting up with old friends. Thank you to everyone who visited our booth on the...

Tax Savings Frequently Asked Questions | OUT OF THE BOX TECHNOLOGY

This Financial Guide answers frequently asked questions surrounding tax saving ventures; and provides tax saving strategies for deferring income, and maximizing deductions; it also includes some strategies for specific categories of individuals, such as those with high income and those who are self-employed.

Before getting into the specifics, however, we would like to stress the importance of proper documentation. 

Here's a list of the kinds of tax records and receipts to keep that relate to your current year income and deductions: Income (wages, interest/dividends, etc.) Exemptions (cost of support) Medical expenses Taxes Interest Charitable contributions Child care Business expenses Professional and union dues Uniforms and job supplies Education, if it is deductible for income taxes Automobile, if you use your automobile for deductible activities, such as business or charity Travel, if you travel for business and are able to deduct the costs on your tax return

Tax Records: Frequently Asked Questions | OUT OF THE BOX TECHNOLOGY

What pieces of paper do I need to keep in order to do my taxes? Keep detailed records of your income, expenses, and other information you report on your tax return. A good set of records can help you save money when you do your taxes and will be your trusty ally in case you are audited.

There are several types of records that you should keep. Most experts believe it’s wise to keep most types of records for at least seven years, and some you should keep indefinitely.

Handling Fraud with QuickBooks Desktop  | Cyber Security

Whether your accounting tasks are done on a single PC or you have multiple users working on different screens, it’s critical you make use of all that QuickBooks offers in terms of internal controls to tighten data security.

QuickBooks Desktop has progressively responded to evolving  threats. It  has been working on compatibility with multiple Antivirus solutions. It also has included Multi-Factor Authentication as a means of validating users, in accessing certain aspects of QuickBooks Desktop. To learn more about using MFA, review our article on account security. Less often discussed, though, is the existing reports and tools already in QuickBooks Desktop.

Manage Payroll Permissions - Helps ensure that only authorized employees have access to payroll transactions and reports.Enhanced Pick, Pack, and Ship - Provides a central dashboard that helps customers track and manage sales order fulfillment from start to finish. Invoice Status Tracker - Provides invoice status at a glance eliminating manual tracking and inquiries of open invoices. Improved feature presents users with list of open invoices from same vendor rather than full, unfiltered list of open invoices. Transfer Credits - Streamlines credits across customer job by eliminating cumbersome and numerous accounting entries. Check to Bill Pay - Provides consolidated view of outstanding invoices from a vendor without manual queries. Easy Upgrade - Takes two clicks and Move QuickBooks to Another Computer - takes six clicks, reduced from 20+ clicks, saving time and simplifying the process. Inactive Items in Inventory Report - Provides an up-to-date view to manage inventory Intuit Data Protect - easily and reliably backs up data. IIF Imports – Helps facilitate successful imports by validating data beforehand and generating reports to enable fixes before re-imports.

2019 QuickBooks Enterprise: New Features

Lots of new features available in the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019.  Enhanced Pick, Pack, and Ship - Provides a central dashboard that helps customers track and manage sales order fulfillment from start to finish. Manage Payroll Permissions - Helps ensure that only authorized employees have access to payroll transactions and...

What Are the New Features of QuickBooks Desktop 2019?

It’s that time of year again. If you’ve been using QuickBooks desktop for a while now, you probably know that new versions of the software typically release each fall. This year is no different, and with the impending release of QuickBooks desktop 2019, Intuit had included several new features that are going to save a lot of us some time and effort.

Intuit Gallery Walk

Fredericksburg, VA is home to an Intuit call center where sales agents are on the phone with hundreds of QuickBooks users a day. The staff is made up of QuickBooks Online specialists, members of the Intuit Payments team in addition to QuickBooks Enterprise agents. Out Of The Box Technology Cofounders Andrew...

QuickBooks for Mac is BACK!

After a short hiatus, Intuit is reintroducing QuickBooks for Mac. Good news for Mac users who didn't want to use QuickBooks Online. Here are some of the new features for 2019:  iCloud Document Sharing - Automatically share documents across multiple Macs connected through iCloud.​Reconcile Discrepancy Report - Easily identify and reconcile...

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