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A culture that starts and ends with people.

Our Team

Our company is founded on the strengths of our people. From the start, we have fostered a culture based on our own philosophy and values: to put people first, and support team members, no matter what. These people-oriented values continue to be the guiding principle behind Out of the Box Technology’s hiring, retention, and other business-related decisions.

Working at Out of the Box Technology

Day-to-day, life moves fast at Out of the Box Technology. Team members are encouraged to strive for excellence, and achieve both team and individual professional goals. Overall, the competitive personality of Founder & CEO, Denise, has cultivated a culture of passion, drive, hard work, and success. The Out of the Box Technology team sticks together, diligently working to meet deadlines, and celebrating company successes. Out of the Box Technology strives to identify, build, and sustain relationships with employees who hold similar values.

ProAdvisor Certification

What separates Out of the Box Technology from other companies, is our mission to empower your success. Our mission is to provide you with the tools and guidance, to work hard to achieve your goals within your professional career. We provide ProAdvisor Certification for all employees, at no cost. Join our team, and work towards acquiring your ProAdvisor Certification so you can pursue your passion of providing clients with financial clarity and peace of mind.

Empowering Your Professional Success

As Out of the Box Technology continues to grow moving forward, the vision remains unwavering – to empower people to achieve success, including employees, partners, and clients. We seek out candidates and retain employees who share our common set of values – to empower the success of others. Our leadership team works hard to ensure employees have the opportunity to pursue their passion within our company, equipping them with the professional training, mentorship, and growth goals necessary to do so.



Start investing in your future with the help of our 401(k) program. We offer retirement plans to jumpstart your savings, while you progress in your career.


Ensuring you and your family are taken care of is important to us. We provide full healthcare benefits including dental, vision, and primary care.

Profit Sharing

Your hard work benefits the growth of our company. As a result, we believe you should share in the profits that were made possible in large part from your hard work.

Current Job Openings

What our people say.

Fast paced, rewarding career.

“I have worked at Out of the Box Technology for 2 years, and have grown both personally and professionally in this time. I started out in sales, low on the totem pole, but was given the opportunity to try out marketing which is my passion. Being given this opportunity has changed my life, and I plan to continue learning and growing with the company for many years to come. Out of the Box Technology is not for the faint of heart, it can be stressful, but it’s exciting, and our team is the strongest it has ever been.”

A Dream Job!

“Working at Out of the Box Technology is the best job of my career. The connection to Bookkeeping Career Institute provides many educational opportunities I might not have had access to in the past. The service team is truly that..a team that works together. Any question you have is immediately answered. We all work together to provide excellent service to our clients. The management team really cares about us and it shows! We have a wonderful office environment with the latest technology available at our fingertips. The support staff is always there to make sure we have the tools necessary to work efficiently for our clients. Our compensation is top-notch and was made very clear to me during my initial interview. I enjoy coming to work every day to see the staff and work with my clients. I very much enjoy the team environment that is always present here at Out of the Box Technology.”

Benefits of being employed at Out of the Box Technology, Inc.

“I’ve been employed at Out of the Box Technology for nearly two years. One has to be able to multi-task and want to learn to succeed in the workplace. Fortunately, I love to do both! We have access to beta test third party software, become certified, and implement them to appropriate clients. Monthly we get together as a team and learn what’s out there, new findings, and help each other advance. I’ve become advanced certified in QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks online, taken a 14 week classes in Payroll and Financial Accounting Fundamentals, plus so much more. The opportunities to learn and advance are endless as an employee. Without a doubt the best job I have ever had.”

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