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Common HR Myths and Misconceptions

ADP helps clear up HR Myths and Misconception in today's technology tuesday.

Common HR Myths and Misconceptions

Join us as we welcome Senior District Manager, Chad Rabideau and Senior HR Counsel Kristin LaRosa from ADP as they address common myths and misconceptions in the field of Human Resources.


Attendees of this webinar on HR Myths and Misconceptions will learn about:

  • Exempt vs. non-exempt classifications;
  • Independent contractor vs. employee classifications;
  • Interview questions, probationary periods, and other hiring considerations;
  • At-will, final pay, and other termination considerations.


Major takeaways that you will gain from the hour with Chad and Kristin from ADP are:

  • Ensuring thorough and proper documentation;
  • Review and understanding of all final pay rules;
  • The importance of obtaining voluntary resignations in writing;
  • How to conduct exit interviews with resigning employees;
  • That treating employee terminations very carefully is essential!


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