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What is the QuickBooks Solution Provider Program?

If you receive Social Security benefits you should receive Form SSA-1099, Social Security Benefit Statement, showing the amount

What is the QuickBooks Solution Provider Program?

QuickBooks Solution Providers Provide the Tools, Support and Personnel to Improve Performance, Workflow Efficiency and Simplicity.

The QuickBooks Solution Provider Program includes only the top business professionals who are qualified in meeting their customer’s diverse needs by selling a variety of Intuit products and services to deliver complete business solutions. As part of the Elite tier, ebs Associates (now as Out Of The Box Technology) offers a direct channel Intuit’s sales, procurement, and product support teams, creating an inflow of resources and support for you and your business.

We have achieved this status due to our team of Advanced Certified ProAdvisors, who are experts at helping businesses learn, use and customize their QuickBooks, and have a proven track record of providing an exceptional level of service.

We are more than just an Elite QuickBooks Solution Provider, we are experts at identifying and recommending the right software solutions for our clients. We have an extensive knowledge base and thorough understanding of the full breadth of QuickBooks products, as well as the additional products and applications that can be integrated with QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Solution Provider Program | Enterprise Highlights

Intuit Solution Providers help you take full advantage of the QuickBooks features and additional tools. Whether you’re upgrading from another version of QuickBooks, or installing QuickBooks for the first time, Providers bring a unique set of business qualifications combined with Intuit’s technology certification to implement a robust solution that gives you more control over your growing business.

A certified QuickBooks Enterprise Provider can:

  • Identify processes that can simplify operations with flexible reporting, batch invoicing, and expanded user controls
  • Provide consultation services to analyze your needs for advanced inventory capabilities and productivity tools that improve functionality
  • Lower your total cost of ownership by diagnosing your requirements for expanded functionality that lets you save time and stay more organized with scalability to support up to 30 simultaneous users and track hundreds of thousands of customers, vendors, and inventory items – more than six times the capacity of any other QuickBooks product

QuickBooks Solution Provider | Retail Highlights

Intuit Solution Providers bring a unique set of retail business qualifications combined with Intuit’s technology certification to implement a robust QuickBooks Point of Sale solution that helps you know where you are making money – so you can boost your bottom line.

A certified Retail Reseller can help you:

  • Lower your total cost of ownership – diagnosing your requirements for easy access to data, in-store and mobile credit card management, and integrated reporting tools
  • Identify and purchase the right Intuit retail solution to simplify your operations
  • Install, set up, and configure your Intuit software plus other hardware
  • Train your users and speed implementation time
  • Migrate your existing business data and integrate your new solution
  • Provide ongoing support

QuickBooks Solution Provider | Payment Highlights

Intuit Solution Providers recognize the positive impact accepting credit and debit cards can have on your income, increasing sales as much as four times over a cash transaction. They also understand the challenges associated with double-entry accounting and integrating credit card transactions, merchant services, and financial reporting.

A Solution Provider can help you:

  • Increase performance with Intuit’s seamlessly integrated Payment Solutions and QuickBooks, saving time and increasing accuracy by avoiding double-entry tasks and double-entry errors
  • Reduce your risks eliminating time spent generating and following up on unpaid invoices
  • Reduce your costs with Intuit’s no hidden fees, no long term contracts offerings
  • Train your users on how to take advantage of seamlessly integrated QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Point of Sale solutions as well as Terminals, Web stores, and mobile devices

QuickBooks Solution Program | Payroll Highlights

Intuit Solution Providers understand the challenges associated with integrating payroll information with accounting records and financial reporting. We know the impact Intuit’s streamlined Payroll Solutions can have on those business operations. We’ll help you connect to Intuit’s Payroll systems with three simple clicks and you’ll immediately reduce your tax penalty risks while easily managing employees, benefits, and insurance all in one place.

A Solution Provider can help you:

  • Identify the value and cost savings available from Intuit’s Payroll solutions
  • Demonstrate the increased efficiencies realized from seamless integration with QuickBooks, tax filings, and payments
  • Lower your risks with Intuit’s no penalties guarantee
  • Train your users on how to take advantage of improved reporting and automatic updates to accounting information

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