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Tech Tuesday Recap: Best Practices to Maximize Cash Flow

Tech Tuesday Recap: Best Practices to Maximize Cash Flow

Today’s Technology Tuesday insights have been percolating for a few hours. The presentation took us on roads toward jewels of financial insight. Some were principles long held in business, while others got to minute details around inventory and personnel management; the latter two made a teammate chuckle – while reminiscing of a college lecture on the equilibrium between “hiring/firing”. While this is an important business aspect, there were others meriting equal attention. Let’s journey, a little, shall we?


What Separates a Cash Flow Statement From an Income Statement?

If you happen to be an aspiring or first-time entrepreneur; and are trying to find a succinct definition & example, the folks at Fundera have a generous breakdown of Profit vs Cash Flow.

QuickBooks Desktop 2020 has a separate cash flow report, called the Statement of Cash Flows.
Statement of Cash Flows report summarizes where the business’s money goes in, and out.
QuickBooks Desktop's Profit & Loss Standard
The Profit & Loss Report in QuickBooks® Desktop tracks different accounts – like COGs.


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