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Intuit Field Service Management vs. Corrigo Work Order Management | Comparison Breakdown

Intuit Field Service Management vs. Corrigo Work Order Management | Comparison Breakdown

When reviewing Work Order Network and Field Service Management, there are a few key differences to recognize between these two products.  Although both products emphasize their ability to help your management become completely paperless, the products incorporate distinctive features into making jobs more efficient and accurate for you.  There are more to these two apps than the fact that they are all online.

Work Order Network by Corrigo is a facilities management application designed to build your best work team of technicians and vendors.  The main goal of Work Order Network is to assist businesses in keeping their corporate image intact by holding their field workers to the highest standard without constant monitoring of jobs.  One of the major selling points for Work Order Network is the scoring system on vendors.  This system allows you to rate the work done in order to maximize productivity on future jobs.  The score card asks questions regarding satisfactory level, service costing, and performance time.  This feature will help your business stay at a five-star level of assistance to your customers.

Field Service Management for QuickBooks optimizes your time by assisting you in scheduling jobs and tracking workersField Service Management allows you to manage the entire job right from your desk by utilizing GPS systems to track travel time, tracking hourly payroll using GPS time cards, and scheduling the nearest vendor or technician.  The GPS system allows you to locate a technician nearest to the job site to shorten travel time.  As soon as you find the right man for the job, you can schedule him right on the application.  From there, you can track his location and how long he spends at the job site.  This creates a more accurate representation of payroll to decrease wage errors.

Both of these applications, Work Order Network and Field Service Management, allow business to monitor the work they are assigning to field workers from their desk in the office, however, both have different methods of establishing the efficiency of the work being done.

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