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If accounting isn’t your thing, let Out of the Box Technology handle one of the most important aspects of your business – your financials!

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Out of the Box Technology is the N-Hance franchisee’s one-stop shop for anything related to your financials. We are looking forward to helping you achieve success with your business, please contact us anytime for the following:

QuickBooks Online Essentials License
15% Ongoing Discount off MSRP

Accounting Tech Onboarding
$300 per franchisee – One-on-One meeting with new owner, QuickStart Coach and Out Of the Box Technology

  • Import N-Hance Chart of Accounts and Products List
  • Connect QBO to bank and credit card accounts
  • Connect QBO to OnTrack
  • Discuss ADP and QBO Payroll options/discounts
  • Discuss a-la-cart options for other OOTB services
  • Schedule a QuickBooks training call with the franchisee (if purchased)

QuickBooks Training
Two one-on-one sessions – $380

Timing of training sessions estimated to be

  • Two weeks after corporate session or when the franchisee has first sale
  • Four weeks after the first training


Monthly or Quarterly QuickBooks Reviews – $190/hour


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“My expert is very upbeat, very efficient, and I would recommend her to anyone who needs an expert in this field. And she prepares the information needed by my tax preparer, accurately and in a timely manner.”


“Lisa is great. Shs flexible, works in the system we had, and made everything better.”


“We were lucky to found Lisa on the day our sales tax was due. She responded quickly and was excellent – fast and professional. Thank you, you are a life saver!”


“I own a small business and am responsible for maintaining the books. Thanks to Mary Huntes expertise with QuickBooks Pro, I always have someone to help me “fix” my mistakes or guide me through a new bookkeeping process! She is extremely knowledgeable and patient no matter how many times she has to repeat something she has already told me previously. I may go for months without needing her help, but the minute I do, we pick right back up as if no time has passed! I really appreciate her and all of her help and hard work over the last four years!”


Accounting/Bookkeeping Package
Tier I
200 or less transaction lines per month
$250* per month $250/month*
Tier II
201 – 300 transaction lines per month
$325* per month $325/month*
Tier III
301 – 400 transaction lines per month
$400* per month $400/month*
Tier IV
401 to 500 transaction lines per month
$475* per month $475/month*
Tier V
501+ transaction lines per month
Call for pricing

OOTB Responsibilities 

  • Verify sales and payment data synced from OnTrack to QBO
  • Reconcile clearing accounts for Credit Cards/Cash
  • Categorize vendor expenses
  • Enter payroll journal entry each payroll period or integrate with QB
  • Reconcile bank and loan accounts monthly
  • Set up new credit card integration with QBO (when applicable)
  • Categorize credit card expenses
  • Reconcile credit cards accounts monthly
  • Monthly accounting adjustments (depreciation, interest)
  • Monthly bookkeeping review by senior management
  • Provide monthly financial statements
  • Work with CPA on year-end reporting
  • Financials are typically sent to the franchisee between the 10th to the 15th of the month (provided all needed  documents/statements/information have been provided to OOTB) 

Client Responsibilities

  •  Provide bank statements (if unable to set up secondary access)
  • Provide credit card statements when available (if unable to set up secondary access)
  • Sync with OnTrack and QBO, completed daily or weekly.
  • Address any sync errors in OnTrack
  • Ensure information that is requested and provided is accurate and timely.
  • Communicate any changes and challenges that would directly impact the project.


Get Started

For more information on Out of the Box Technology services please submit the form on this page or contact:

Ellen Schroeter

Director of Strategic Partnerships


(248) 579-0980

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