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GoPayment for QuickBooks Payments – Updated & Redesigned for Android Devices

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GoPayment for QuickBooks Payments – Updated & Redesigned for Android Devices

Intuit Merchant Services recently released a new version of the QuickBooks GoPayment app for Android. Look for the new green app icon on your device!

Here’s a quick look at what’s new.

  • Get paid faster

When you tap the GoPayment icon, the Take Payment screen lets you get paid right away. So after you create an order, one tap takes you to the Payment Options screen.

You can either enter an amount or quickly add items from your inventory to create the order.  Either way, tap the right arrow to select a payment option (credit card, cash, or check).

  • Change order details faster

It’s easy to quickly change order details on the fly. From the New Payment screen, tap Order Details under the total amount.

  • From the Order Details page, you can:
  1. Add a discount.
  2. Turn off tax for individual items.
  3. Add a memo to yourself (your customer won’t see this).
  4. Manage items better (and more of them!)

Managing items is easier, whether you’re adding or editing an item or making changes to multiple items at once.
You can now enter over 1,000 items, compared to the previous limit of 99.
Create longer item names and descriptions.
Use the latest card reader

  • New GoPayment green card reader

GoPayment automatically detects whether you’re using the grey or the latest green card reader.

If this is the first time you’re using the card reader, GoPayment automatically detects your device’s profile and helps you set it up.

If for some reason the reader can’t swipe a card correctly, you can enter the card info manually or take a picture with your device’s camera to scan the card info automatically.

In part two of our product update review we’ll take a closer look at the new ‘green card reader and how to get it for free now.

About GoPayment from Intuit Merchant Services

GoPayment is a great way to accept payments anywhere you do business. And historical data shows that small business owners who use QuickBooks synced with GoPayment get paid on average twice as fast as those who don’t.

GoPayment is a favorite app of Out Of The Box Technology that syncs transactions directly with your QuickBooks. Want the latest cutting edge lowest-rate QuickBooks syncing payment processing technology for your business?  Talk to a specialist at Out Of The Box.

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