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Guide to SEO Basics

Guide to SEO Basics

SEO doesn’t have to be hard. Search engine optimization can help your business shoot to the top of Google’s results. You can get results by making some simple changes to your website. Is your website up to date with the most recent best practices?

There are essentially two things you want to concentrate on: Your site’s popularity and your site’s content quality.


1. How popular is your website?

In order to understand how to optimize your website, you’ll need to understand how Google crawls websites and how that affects the content you put into your site. In the early days, Google’s algorithm for ranking pages started by downloading the entire internet. One of the things they especially looked out for was how often a site was linked to from a different site. If a site was popular enough, people would be talking (or linking) about it.

Today this way of ranking pages is still extremely relevant in how Google decides to rank pages in search results. Simply getting your site linked to from another high quality source will give your site a good boost. How do you do this?

One popular way is writing guest posts for blogs. Find a blog released to your business and contact them. Have an article ready to offer them that they would be interested in posting to their blog. Tell them they can post your article in exchange for a link back to your website. It’s a win-win situation: They get more content (see point #2 below) and you get a link to your website (boosting your popularity). This is a very common way to get links to your site.

Another way is by word of mouth. The more people that are using your product or service, the more they’ll talk about it and (ideally) link to your site.


2. How much content does your website have, and is it something you’d actually want to read?

When Google crawls a site, it needs text to actually read. Believe it or not, you can’t just throw together a random jumble of words and expect it to rank. Just like you would expect to be able to read through an article when viewing a website, Google expects the content on your website to actually be relevant to something that someone is searching. If they don’t think what you wrote is useful, they wont try to direct anybody there.

When people search for what they’re looking for, they expect to get results. After going through a list of results on Google and picking which one I think is the most relevant, I expect a high quality article to accompany it. This is why content is so important, it literally makes up the internet.

Make sure you spend time on the copy for your website. If you do, eventually all the search engines will notice and you’ll see results.


Want more SEO Tips?

These are just two examples of simple things you can do to help raise your rank in Google. There are so many other simple things you can do to help clean up your site to make sure it’s ready by the time it’s crawled. Download our free SEO Guide at the top of this page to learn how you can fix up your site.

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