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We’re looking for firms that have expertise in an industry or region to join our partner community. If you’re motivated to solve the challenges that technology and outsourcing have brought to the accounting industry, you’d be a great fit.

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Find an Advisor in our QuickBooks Partner Community

Our certified advisors and consultants are located across the country, committed to helping you grow your business by recommending accounting solutions that fit your business goals. We can assist you with finding, consulting, implementing, and optimizing the right accounting software for your company.

QuickBooks Consulting
We provide professional expertise and guidance to address, and resolve the common financial challenges companies face within their respective industries.
From project-based to ongoing services, we provide accounting support that drives business success.
Our dedicated team of QuickBooks experts specialize in payroll set-up, training, and ongoing processing to ensure accuracy and efficiency.
Financial Controller
We coach your team on best accounting practices to drive increased financial efficiency and success.
Cloud Hosting
We help create a secure, reliable, cloud hosting environment for your accounting infrastructure to work at its best.
Data Conversions
Our deep product knowledge and accounting expertise allows for a smooth software transition, ensuring data integrity and accuracy.
Ecosystem Setup
Our team completes software implementation, file setup, and coaches clients on best practices to ensure the investment in each technology solution is maximized.
File Review
We ensure financial data is complete and accurate, through full data file review, analysis, and clean-up services.
Our team of product specialists gain an understanding of every unique client business, and helps select and implement the best software solution
We get you set up
Our team takes the time to deeply understand your business, answer your questions, help you link your accounts, and show you how Out Of The Box works.
We do your bookkeeping
Each month, your bookkeeper organizes your business transactions and prepares financial statements. If they need anything from you, they’ll get in touch.
We deliver tax-ready financials
Our team of pros is familiar with Minnesota tax rules and will customize their approach to your business’ unique needs.
QuickBooks Data Migration
Are you transitioning to QuickBooks from another accounting software solution? Let our team of specialists take care of you! Our team will make sure the data you have in your previous file and software come into your new file accurately, performing and behaving as you need it to.
QuickBooks Data Migration
Are you transitioning to QuickBooks from another accounting software solution? Let our team of specialists take care of you! Our team will make sure the data you have in your previous file and software come into your new file accurately, performing and behaving as you need it to.
QuickBooks File Services
Out of the Box Technology provides an array of services for your QuickBooks company file data, whether it involves an existing QuickBooks file or a new one altogether. We have the collective QuickBooks experience to manage any scenario your file faces. Below are descriptions of the file handling journey Out of the Box Technology walks you through.
QuickBooks Data Services
Need to build a very customized report; handle the effects of negative inventory; list reduction; or other file maintenance needs? Let us help you with that! We’ll look at your file, your lists, and try to clean your file to make better sense of your financial data. We’ll also review any errors surrounding your company file, addressing what may be causing them to happen.

Add on services

Project Profitability
Understand profitability without having to dig for the finances. See accurate and actionable financial information easily.
Payroll Support
Outsource the repetitive tasks to Decimal to pay employees accurately & on time. Handle commissions, deductions & more.
1099 Support
Get assistance with 1099 forms with Decimal to save time and tackle the repetitive tasks without the effort.
Invoicing Services
Get paid quickly and accurately with Decimal’s Invoicing Services. Keep money flowing into your organization without the stress.
Expense Management
Categorize and control spending before it gets out of hand with the right approach to expense management using the best tech solutions.
Job Costing
Get details from each job to better understand your margin and where the next big opportunity is to fully understand your financial performance.
Bill Pay Services
Focus on approvals while all the behind-the-scenes work is taken care of.
Inventory Management
Track inventory with each sale and monitor purchase orders to always have a clear picture of what is in stock and where supplies are running low.
Advanced Revenue Recognition
Build out multiple schedules for revenue recognition to meet the needs of your business. Customize how each product handles revenue.

Our Process

A Unique Blueprint for Your Business
Decimal creates the accounting operational plan around your business, your needs, and your operations. We build a repeatable and scalable template to address your accounting operations so that when you grow, we can effortlessly scale with you.
Hire a Robust Team Instead of One Person
Gain the full advantage of a team that covers bookkeeping, process improvement, technology optimization, and training. We have you covered at a fraction of the cost if you were to recruit and hire several people for these roles.
Get It All for A Fixed Monthly Price
We’ll work with you to improve processes and gain efficiencies throughout your organization, all for a fixed monthly price. It's time to say goodbye to hidden fees and hourly billing.

Our Process

Business Consulting + Coaching Services
Our expert advisors and consultants work with our client’s to develop and implement practical accounting solutions specific to their business and industry. We will also review and analyze their current bookkeeping system and identify what improvements need to be made for increased efficiency and greater profitability. We offer personalized, flexible training in-person or remote with the client.QuickBooks Data File Review & Consultation: Is your file not performing like it should? Our experts work with you to discover if resolution involves re-sorting your lists; deleting inactive elements from those lists; or tackling items beyond lists – like data file integrity. They will provide you the precise steps you can take on your own to resolve such matters and prevent them from happening in the future.
QuickBooks Product Consultation
whether you’re starting with the foundation, or adding to what’s in place, our experts ensure proper alignment of products and services with your needs and the needs of your business.
QuickBooks Add-On Consultation
Need QuickBooks to do more for your business? Let our experts collaborate on finding the right solutions to bring greater functionality to your business’ accounting software infrastructure.
Software Set-Up, Training + Support
Our team of product specialists helps client’s select and implement the right software solutions for their business. Whether that be QuickBooks, FSM, Fishbowl or other QuickBooks integration products, we have helped thousands of clients across multiple industries implement the software, set-up their company and learn how to streamline their business practices.
Financial Controller Services
We work with our client’s internal management and accounting team, providing them with expert financial oversight, management and guidance to ensure the integrity of their books and safeguard their company from fraud, as well as prepare, forecast and analyze operating budgets.

Perks for Franchises

Inside Access For A Competitive Edge

Exclusive Discounts
As a franchise client, you are able to tap into our extensive network of best-in-class partners, granting you access to exclusive discounts on QuickBooks Products, Payroll, and Payment services.
Franchise-Specific Integrations
Our expert team knows the pain points specific to the franchise industry and can recommend solutions optimized for automation, efficiency, and cost. We support franchise-specific third-party QuickBooks integrations, including ProfitKeeper, FranConnect, Qvinci, Franmetrics and ZeeWise.
Consistency Across Locations
Our experts have deep expertise coaching franchisees in keeping financial processes consistent, reporting clean, and bookkeeping streamlined across franchise locations.

Claim Your Complimentary Bookkeeping Assesment Today!

Request your free bookkeeping quote today and let us simplify your financial management. Our expert team at QuickBooks is ready to tailor a solution to your needs.

Claim your complimentary bookeeping assesment today

Request your free bookkeeping quote today and let us simplify your financial management. Our expert team at QuickBooks is ready to tailor a solution to your needs.

Happy Customer Voices

Exceptional Franchise Bookkeeping

Laura has been a phenomenal asset to me and my business. Being a brand new franchise business owner, the financial side was all foreign to me. Laura took extra time and care with me through the entire process. She attended more than one meeting with my team so we could go over the numbers together. I truly can’t say enough about how much she has helped me.

For acquisition, an ideal CPA/CFO firm would have

  • Annual revenue of between $1,000,000 to $10,000,000.
  • Personnel of anything between approximately 10 to 90 people.
  • Annual revenue should (at minimum) be approximately sixty percent derived directly or indirectly from corporate/B2B clients.
  • A very big plus for indinero is a CPA firm that is a mostly/entirely remote-first company – for example: most ideally, very few (if any) physical in-person meetings with clients and/or colleagues.
  • An added bonus can potentially be any type of management consulting services – for example: most ideally, outsourced CFO services.

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