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Why QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise May Be Your Best Move

Why QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise May Be Your Best Move

We recently published a post on our blog about why you should consider moving to QuickBooks Online or Online Advanced. If you read that article, you may be wondering why we mentioned upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise in some cases. We mentioned QuickBooks Enterprise because, in some cases, Enterprise will still be your best solution based on your business needs. We realize in that article, much is not discussed in detail about knowing when Enterprise is right for you. So, we produced this article to help you determine why QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise may be your best move after all.

The name “Enterprise,” and what buyers typically think it implies, thwarts some decision-makers. Many business owners believe QuickBooks Enterprise is strictly for enterprises, and many of its abundant and powerful features are too robust and in excess of their current needs. Enterprise was actually designed for growing Small-to-Midsized Businesses (SMB) to help them grow to the Enterprise level. While your current needs at the time of purchase may seem to demand less than what is offered in Enterprise, it is often not the case for businesses experiencing growth whose needs will rapidly evolve and grow. We have spoken with many clients who have properly gauged their current needs but fail to properly fit their solution to their growth needs, and then come to us to be right-fitted for their growth needs.

The cost of a wrong-fit solution is significant so it’s very important to ensure your new solution is right-fitted properly. Thus, it is also very important to focus on your growth goals and go into decision-making with a “what we WILL need” mentality. Lastly, remember that some features that may seem excessive to you now can also be leveraged for their significant economic efficiencies, such as streamlined advanced workflows and the Pick, Pack, and Ship sales fulfillment process. This article will discuss the features of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, how those features can be leveraged for economic efficiencies, and why QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise may be your best move after all!

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QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Features Overview

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise has an abundance of robust and powerful features to take businesses to the next level. This overview will give you insight into what those features are and how you can leverage them for economic efficiencies. If any of the features listed in the table below stand out to you, click on them and the links will direct you to that section of the article so you can learn more.

Current Enterprise Features (As of 2021, Included in 2022)

Advanced Inventory – Simplify inventory management and automate order management seamlessly, giving you real-time inventory visibility, decreased order fulfillment times, and less inventory surplus (only available on Enterprise Platinum)

Advanced Reporting – Discover the full picture of your business and leverage your data in new ways using powerful customizable reporting. Includes industry-specific reports for manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, contractors, nonprofits, professional services, and retail. If the data is in QuickBooks, you can report on it!

Advanced Pricing – Simplify your complex pricing process to execute on pricing strategies with ease. Reduce pricing errors and automatically track sales tax on invoices, sales orders, and receipts (only available on Enterprise Platinum).

Enhanced Pick, Pack & Ship Process – Perfect for warehouses, distributors, and direct-to-consumer manufacturers (only available on Enterprise Platinum).

Field Service Management – Perfect for Construction, Contractors, and Professional Services that operate in the field! Obtain real-time updates from the field, such as efficient job scheduling and on-the-spot invoicing.

Job Costing – Perfect for Construction, Contractors, and Professional Services that manage project costs! Improve your margins with up-to-the minute information for accurate job costing, enabling you to stay on track and react quickly when costs cut into profits.

New Enterprise Features in Version 2022

Bill Approvals Workflow – Manage cash flow and boost transparency with customizable bill and purchase order workflow approvals that create a digital audit trail for each transaction.

Enhanced Computing Power (64-bit) – QuickBooks Enterprise features improved utilization of the 64-bit processors found in modern computers to maximize performance and stability.

Enhanced Schedule and Pay Bills Process – Save time by scheduling and paying bills in your QuickBooks.

Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet – Get paid faster and reduce billing complexity by managing the sales order process from a single location.

And don’t forget to view our free webinar recording discussing the new features in QuickBooks Desktop 2022!

Popular Enterprise Add-Ons in 2021

E-commerce Integration – Simplify e-commerce management, avoid stockouts, and gain a clearer picture of your profitability by integrating QuickBooks with top online stores and marketplaces.

Hosting and Cloud Access – Leverage the power of Enterprise while gaining the ease and reliability of storing data in the cloud.

Advanced Inventory

Reduce costly, margin-deteriorating errors by automating your inventory and order management systems. Clear, precise, and immediate transparency of what is in stock and what is on order. Boost productivity by leveraging easy-to-use automation features that streamline inventory and order management processes, allowing you to set more accurate delivery dates. Even manage inventory across multiple warehouses, right down to the specific bin or pallet.

And, with the QuickBooks Desktop Mobile App, your team’s Android devices can become mobile barcode scanners, allowing anyone with a compatible device to automate receiving, accelerate your picking process, and reduce data entry errors!

Want to learn more? Talk to one of our experts today!

Simplify and streamline your inventory further with Mobile Barcode Scanning!

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Advanced Pricing

Carry out pricing strategies easier than ever with Advanced Pricing! Simplify the intricacy of pricing with automated, customizable price rules. Keep maximized margins intact with pricing automation rules to help ensure you’re making what you want to make on each transaction, and save time and reduce errors from manual entry! Configure quantity discounts, manufacturer markdowns, scheduled and seasonal promotions, and rules for high-value customers. Lastly, automatically track and apply convoluted city-specific sales tax on invoices, sales orders, and receipts!

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Advanced Reporting

Dive deeper into your data and surface valuable insights with Advanced Reporting. Access more than 200 pre-built reports, including 70 industry-specialized reports, all completely customizable to cater to your business needs. Ultimately, if the data is in QuickBooks, you can report on it!

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Bill Approvals Workflow

Customizable bill and purchase order approval procedures generate a digital audit trail for each transaction, allowing you to better manage cash flow and increase transparency. You can keep an eye on your cash flow and track bills that need to be approved all from one dashboard. To make it simple to build up approval processes that suit to your organization, you may modify your workflow approvals or utilize out-of-the-box templates. Employees are also sent periodic reminders to ensure that they do not miss an approval deadline.

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E-commerce integration

By connecting QuickBooks with leading online retailers and marketplaces, you can simplify e-commerce administration, minimize stockouts, and get a better view of your profitability. Regardless of how many channels you sell into, inventory counts update with each transaction. Add product listings across channels quickly and easily, and interact with your selected shipping provider directly in QuickBooks.

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Enhanced Computing Power (64-bit)

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise now fully leverages the powerful processing capabilities of the 64-bit processors present in most computers, resulting in up to 38% quicker performance and stability. Using the developer-preferred architecture, you’ll be able to retain smooth third-party interfaces while also having the comfort of mind that QuickBooks satisfies contemporary operating system requirements.


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Enhanced Pick, Pack & Ship

Manage sales orders and inventory across locations using one dashboard! You can manage your entire sales order fulfillment process from start to finish with the pick, pack, and ship functionality. It’s that simple; simplify order entry, easily fulfill orders, and get paid faster! QuickBooks brings its robust Order Management System (OMS) capabilities into the arena where you can manage all aspects of tracking and fulfilling sales orders, including order processing, forecasting, inventory management, and invoicing. Better yet, you can automate many order and fulfillment processes to maximize efficiency and reduce errors!

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Enhanced Schedule and Pay Bills Process

Schedule and pay bills in QuickBooks to save more time. Use your preferred funding source and digital or physical form that your vendors want. QuickBooks records the bill as paid and alerts you when the funds are received. Paying vendors using card or bank transfer, then having the money transferred through an actual check or bank transfer, gives you more financial freedom.


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Field Service Management

Seamlessly connect your office with your field service technicians so you can increase ease and frequency of job scheduling and collect payment faster! Recieve real-time updates from out in the field, schedule jobs in seconds with just a few clicks, and invoice clients right on the spot to optimize your average payment collection period and streamline field Accounts Receivable (AR)  transaction recording.

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Hosting and Cloud Access

Manage and run your business from anywhere with an internet connection, anytime you want, on any device! And, unlike QuickBooks Online with its limited features in comparison to QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, you can continue to leverage all the valuable features in Enterprise that you would otherwise lose access to. So, keep all your features and Marry QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with cloud access! Gain reliable data protection, top-of-the-line security, and collaborative and remote-friendly access across all devices!

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Job Costing

You can respond fast when expenses eat into your margins if you have up-to-date project information. Keep track of projected and actual expenses, and make strategic plans for future initiatives. Attach digital timesheet entries to projects quickly and easily, and apply variable hourly rates as needed.

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Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet

Simultaneously manage the sales order process from one location in QuickBooks to gain valuable insight and access to all aspects of the process, while receiving payment quicker and simplifying lengthy billing processes with convenient batch invoice creation.


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