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Why QuickBooks Customers Choose ShipGear Shipping Software

Every employer should be aware of two components of SUTA: the annual wage base and the SUTA tax rate: Annual Wage Base: The annual wage base represents the maximum amount of wages subject to SUTA tax per employee for the year. For 2018, employers in California and Florida pay SUTA tax on the first $7,000 paid to each employee. Alaska, however, imposes SUTA tax on the first $39,500 paid to each worker. Once the annual wage base has been satisfied for an employee, the employer does not owe any more SUTA tax for that employee for the year. SUTA Tax Rate: These tax rates are based on varying factors, with the most common being whether the business is new, the employer’s industry (such as construction versus nonconstruction), and the amount of benefits claimed on the employer’s account. Generally, the more benefits claimed on the employer’s account, the higher the SUTA tax rate, which is why it’s crucial that you keep turnover at a minimum. Not Always Only an Employer-Paid Tax In most states, SUTA is an employer-paid tax. Three states — Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Alaska — require withholding as well. If you have employees in any of these three states, you must withhold state unemployment tax from their wages at the state-mandated withholding rate and up to the maximum amount of wages allowed for the year.

Why QuickBooks Customers Choose ShipGear Shipping Software

ShipGear QuickBooks Shipping Software vs. QuickBooks Shipping Manager What You Need To Know

ShipGear® provides the connector between QuickBooks and UPS WorldShip®, USPS Endicia Professional and FedEx Ship Manager® giving you live, accurate shipping information instantly. With ShipGear shipping integration you can also update the order, invoice or sales receipt with freight charges and tracking numbers to improve customer service and make the billing process more efficient.

Please find two ShipGear example customer success stories below:

Here are several reasons QuickBooks customers choose ShipGear over QuickBooks Shipping Manager:

  • Reason #1: Save on seats!  Users are not required to ship from QuickBooks
  • Reason #2: No manual cutting/pasting …in QuickBooks or your shipping software!
    • Actual ship date
    • Translate ship via
    • Tracking numbr
    • Number of packages
    • Shipment cost including flexible freight rules
  • Reason #3:  Discount USPS rates
    • No minimimums, no volume requirements, no contracts
    • First Class, Pririty Mail & International
  • Reason #4: Document Choice – orders, invoices, sales receipt
  • Reason #5: Customizable interface
    • Personalize shipping field maps & translations
    • Access to custom QB fields for more automated workflow
    • Fields can be used for freight rules & branded email notification


It is time to select an affordable integrated QuickBooks shipping software!  Use ShipGear to:

  1. Eliminate manual data entry
  2. Apply custom shipping charges with flexible rules/conditions
  3. Reduce carrier fees
  4. Give the entire organization access to shipping metrics/details thru a dashboard
  5. Brand your ship notification emails to reduce customer service calls & drive traffic back to your site
  6. Access a true QuickBooks plug and play interface with no mapping effort
  7. Translate service, billing information and residential flags
  8. Automatically update QuickBooks sales order – tracking and shipping charges
  9. Enjoy a more efficient processing and customer service

About V-Technologies, LLC:

Founded in 1987, V-Technologies is a shipping software development company who offers a selection of solutions to meet the growing demand for integrated shipping. StarShip and ShipGear are the two flagship shipping software products. V-Technologies develops interfaces with Sage Software’s Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 and MAS 200), Sage 500 ERP, Sage 50, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Exact Macola, QuickBooks, Fishbowl, Amazon and eBay.

V-Technologies has partnerships with other supply chain management solutions such as EDI integration with HighJump True Commerce, RedTail, SWK’s MAPADOC, Edisoft and SPS Commerce along with popular barcoding solutions such as Scanco, ScanForce and Panatrack.

Additional information about V-Technologies and its solutions is available at http://vtechnologies.com

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