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Asking the same questions is important for many reasons. First off, it gives the interview process consistency and stability. This ensures structure for the interviewer making the process more comfortable for the interviewee. . Secondly, you will be able to easily compare answers when you ask the same questions to all the candidates. This way, each candidate has an equal opportunity to prove his or her fit with the company. For easy example questions, see the section below titled "10 Common and Helpful Questions to Ask During Your Interview of the Candidate."

5 Tips for Conducting a Successful Interview & Key Questions

The interview process is essential for guiding your business to success. Hiring not only a qualified professional for the job, but also a good fit for the company is important for your business growth. Below is a list of key tips to effectively conduct an interview that allows you to clearly understand the candidate both on and off paper.  

1. Ask the same questions to all candidates.

14 Tips to Turbocharge your Outlook


Millions of businesses use Microsoft Outlook as their primary email and calendar client. That in and of itself is an indicator of its utility. This being said however, very few of us actually know how to make the best of its features. The tips and tricks we show you in this article will help you save time, work more efficiently and synchronize work and home life (if so desired).

5 Trends for 2018 You Need to Know

 With the rollover from 2017 to 2018, many entrepreneurs are getting ready to launch new businesses. Is starting a new business in your future? You’re not alone, estimates forecast approximately 42 million businesses will be operational by the year 2026, in the US alone!

When outlining a plan, keeping up to date on large trends that could benefit or hinder your business is of utmost importance. Below we will outline five trends that are believed to have the most potential for impact on small businesses in 2018.


5 Productivity Apps for Small to Medium Businesses.

Have you ever found yourself scrambling for more time? Racing against the clock to meet a specific deadline? I know I have, and I’m sure some of our readers have as well. Thankfully for those of us who may not be the best at time management, or have trouble focusing,  the world of productivity applications is full of useful utilities to counter these daily real world problems.

7 Best Practices for QuickBooks Online

Even if you’ve been using QuickBooks Online for a long time, it’s good to step back and evaluate your actions.

“Best practices” aren’t enforceable rules. They’re simply guidelines businesses commonly follow in one area or another. If you’re in retail, for example, one best practice might be to always ask customers checking out if they found everything they were looking for. This serves two purposes: It conveys a feeling of concern for the customer’s shopping experience, and it may also lead to increased sales.

OUT OF THE BOX TECHNOLOGY's Director of IT, Chad Lampton delivers some of his tech secrets, short cuts, and need to knows to keep you working efficiently and effectively. You don't want to miss this one!

How to Prepare For A Computer Crash

It’s a fear that everyone has that works with QuickBooks.  What do I do if my computer crashes?  All your company’s information, financials, customer information, and product information is contained in your company file and losing that could be very detrimental to a company.  Fortunately, there are safeguards you can take to prepare for a worst-case scenario

Understanding types of Accounting Fraud Identify potential suspects Understand red flags Learn how to minimize risk for your clients Explore real examples

How to Keep Your QuickBooks Data Safe

You work hard to make sure your QuickBooks data is accurate. Make sure it’s safe, too.

Your QuickBooks company file contains some of the most sensitive information on your computer. You may have your customers’ credit card numbers and your employees’ Social Security numbers saved inside. An intruder who captured all that data could create tremendous problems for you and a lot of other people.

Beware: Change Request Phishing Scam | QuickBooks support scenarios

A few customers have recently reported receiving suspicious and unexpected emails appearing to be from Intuit’s QuickBooks Support.  Specifically, the subject line has read, “QuickBooks Support: Change Request” or “Important Notification”.  We encourage you to call us at (888) 682-8666 to discuss your QuickBooks account if you receive any email or phone call that seems suspicious or you think could be an attempt to gain access to your QuickBooks account.

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