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Rolling Suds Accounting Solutions

Rolling Suds Accounting Solutions

Anything + Everything QuickBooks

If accounting isn’t your thing, let Out of the Box Technology handle one of the most important aspects of your business – your financials!

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Your Trusted Source for Accounting Technology

Out of the Box Technology is the one-stop shop for all of your financial needs as a Rolling Suds franchisee. We are looking forward to helping you achieve success with your business.


QuickBooks Online Plus

Out of the Box Technology to provide QuickBooks Online Plus at a 15% ongoing discount – paid for by Franchisee.


QuickBooks Orientation and Onboarding

$250 One-Time fee – paid for by Franchisee

Technology Onboarding

Our standard technology onboarding package is designed to ensure our franchise clients are set up and running with QuickBooks prior to their business opening and our QuickBooks Online Orientation.

  • Completed prior to business opening – during 8-week ramp up
  • Purpose: Make sure file is set up and ready for business opening.
  • Upload Chart of Accounts
  • Upload Products and Services

QuickBooks Online Orientation: 

  • Up to 1-hour session with the franchisee
  • Connect bank and credit card accounts to QuickBooks
  • Coordinate set up of secondary access to bank/credit card accounts
  • Notify corporate that file is ready for Service Minder
  • Make sure payroll provider is selected
  • Train on QuickBooks Online Login
  • Train on QuickBooks Online Navigation and Reporting
  • Set up asset and liability accounts.
    • Franchise fee amount and term
    • Business loans/vehicle loans
  • Train on the handling of business expenses that are paid out of pocket


Monthly Bookkeeping for Franchisees 

$400/month – Paid for by franchisee

** After 12 months, a price adjustment may apply.

Out of the Box Technology Bookkeeping Responsibilities

  • Communication with franchisee regarding their financials
  • Validate sales and payments automatically synced from Service Minder
  • Categorize vendor expenses
  • Enter payroll journal entry each payroll period or integrate with QuickBooks
  • Reconcile bank and loan accounts monthly
  • Set up new credit card integration with QuickBooks Online (when applicable)
  • Categorize credit card expenses
  • Reconcile credit card accounts monthly
  • Monthly accounting adjustments (depreciation, interest)
  • Monthly bookkeeping review by senior management
  • Provide monthly financial statements
  • Work with CPA on year-end reporting
  • Financials delivered by agreed upon date from Franchisor (provided all needed documents/statements/information have been provided to Out of the Box Technology).

Client Responsibilities 

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Payment of vendor bills (typically on the bank’s website)
  • Entry of customer invoices and payments into ServiceMinder and management of sync to QuickBooks Online
  • Provide secondary access to bank OR bank statements (if unable to set up secondary access)
  • Provide secondary access to credit card account OR credit card statements when available (if unable to set up secondary access)
  • Ensure information that is requested and provided is accurate and timely
  • Communicate any changes and challenges that would directly impact the project
  • No job costing or class tracking is required in financials

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