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Turn-key Accounting Solutions for Manufacturers

Accounting for Manufacturing

Streamlining the operations, accounting, and workflow of your manufacturing or wholesale company is vital to achieving your growth goals. Your business should operate like a well-oiled machine, with your accounting system acting as a gear that drives clean and effective operations. Our team understand the obstacles you face in your manufacturing or wholesale business, that are unique to your industry. From ensuring sales orders are fulfilled in a timely, accurate manner, to having the flexibility of pricing rules – we’ve got you covered.

Our QuickBooks experts at ebs serve a wide range of manufacturing and wholesale clients, with similar needs. We provide accounting guidance, and QuickBooks expertise so you can take your business to the next level and achieve your goals.

As an Intuit Premier Reseller (IRP), we have the expertise and knowledge to help you select the best version of QuickBooks for your unique business.


QuickBooks Built for Your Manufacturing Business

Assemblies Management

Rather than building each subassembly one-by-one, automatically build all subassemblies with a final build.

Backorder Tracking

Utilize the Backordering feature in QuickBooks to see exactly which items still need to be shipped.

Customize Chart of Accounts

Receive immediate access to pertinent information such as overages or shortages, work-in-progress, labor, and materials.

Create Sales Orders

Easily track your orders to check the status of whether it's been shipped or not.

Advanced Pricing Add-On

Create unlimited pricing rules within QuickBooks by using the Advanced Pricing Add-On feature.

Custom Price Levels

Create up to 750 price levels for any item, and create custom price levels as-needed.

Multiple Customer Shipping Addresses

Store unlimited customer shipping addresses, per customer.

Sales Order Fulfillment

View open sales on one, single dashboard. Sort by date, shippable dollar amount, or by customer.

QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop Feature Comparison

Data File Size Limits150-200 MB150-200 MB1 GB
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Sales Forecast
Industry Editions
Work on Multiple Company Files SimultaneouslyLimited to Accountants Only
Automatic product upgrades
U.S.-based customer support
Online backup data storage
Automatic product upgrades
QuickBooks Priority Circle
Advanced Reporting
Free Online Training
QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll
Advanced Inventory
Predefined User Roles (14 in number)

User Comparison – Up to 20% Off for Life

UsersSilver MonthlySilver MonthlyGold MonthlyGold MonthlyPlatinum MonthlyPlatinum Monthly
1 User$86.40$880.00$112.80$1,144.00$138.40$1,408.00
2 User$138.40$1,408.00$164.80$1,672.00$190.40$1,936.00
3 User$173.60$1,760.00$199.20$2,024.00$225.60$2,288.00
4 User$208.00$2,112,00$234.40$2,376.00$260.00$2,640.00
5 User$242.40$2,464.00$268.80$2,728.00$294.40$2,992.00
6 User$268.80$2,728.00$294.40$2,992.00$320.80$3,256.00
7 User$294.40$2,992.00$320.67$3,256.00$346.40$3,520.00
8 User$320.80$3,256.00$346.40$3,520.00$372.80$3,784.00
9 User$346.40$3,520.00$372.80$3,784.00$398.40$4,048.00
10 Users$372.80$3,784.00$398.40$4,048.00$424.80$4,312.00
Up to 30 Users$597.63$6,063.75$625.63$6,352.50$654.50$6,641.25
With Hosting+ $44.00 / user+ $44.00 / user+ $44.00 / user+ $44.00 / user+ $44.00 / user+ $44.00 / user

This pricing includes a lifetime discount of up to 20% the current MSRP only available through ebs. Prices are subject to change, please see terms and conditions for more details.

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Maximize QuickBooks, Elevate Your Business

Advanced Reporting.

Advanced Reporting puts the information you need at your fingertips. Find the right report fast with templates bundled for manufacturing, wholesale, contractor, and retail. Save time with templates auto-filled with your company data. Plus, find the reporting answers you need, when you need them with our robust help portal. Using our most powerful reporting tool has never been easier.

Advanced Inventory.

Speed up the picking process and help reduce data entry errors. Focus on urgent sales orders and create custom pick-lists across warehouses in real time. Three newly customizable inventory reports add flexibility and insights to your business: Inventory Valuation Summary, Inventory Stock by Item, and Assembly Shortage. Scan barcodes when items arrive and update your inventory in QuickBooks automatically.

Mobile Inventory Barcode Scanning.

A smarter way to manage your inventory is here. Mobile Inventory Barcode Scanning increases the efficiency for the picking process, eliminates data entry errors, enhances tracking, and makes fulfilling orders easier. By creating picklists, picking items, and updating sales orders, Mobile Barcode Scanning helps you do better business.

Advanced Pricing.

Control, customize, and automate your pricing, from directly within QuickBooks. Manual updates are now automated – helping you get back your time, increase operational efficiency, and maximize your QuickBooks solution.

Enhanced Payroll.

Intuit manages paying your employees, payroll taxes, and filing your payroll tax forms. In addition to this, Enhanced Payroll offers the following benefits:

  • Automatically calculated tax estimates
  • Free direct deposit
  • Completion of Federal and State tax returns by Intuit, for you
  • Printed W-2s and other forms for employees
  • iPad, iPhone, and Android accessibility
  • Instantly generated paychecks for both W-2 employees as well as 1099 contractors
  • Electronic tax filing and payment
  • Digital email reminders for important tax information
  • Included support from Intuit payroll experts

Preferred Credit Card Processing Rates.

And, since QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise updates itself automatically and sends payments directly to the bank, you’ll always have the most current information on your bottom line. With QuickBooks Payments in Enterprise, experience seamless transactions and payments with ease. You can add a, “Pay Now” button on all invoices, and customers can simply click the button and pay in a matter of minutes via credit card or bank transfer.

Full Service Plans to Maximize Your QuickBooks Solution

Product Upgrades

Receive automated updates on new versions of all products, immediately upon release.

Full Technical Support

Access to unlimited technical support from a full-service U.S. based QuickBooks team of experts.

Data Recovery

Receive the benefit of full data recovery if your hard drive crashes, or passwords are lost.

Online Backups

Protect your financial data with online data backup services.

Everything Enterprise

Download product updates, upgrade your QuickBooks, and access training videos and learning resources.

Learning & Training

Gain access to interactive training tools and learning resources to help you maximize your QuickBooks.

Your Team of Manufacturing & Wholesale Accounting Experts, We’re Here For you


Our team of Product Specialists help our clients select and implement the best software solutions for their business. We also offer staff education, training, and ongoing support as needed.

QuickBooks Consulting

We provide professional expertise and guidance to address and resolve the common business and financial challenges companies face within the current market landscape.

QuickBooks Training

ebs Associates regularly holds classes, events and training seminars for bookkeepers, business owners and financial professionals. Courses are open to all skill levels and are designed to help improve the use of financial technology in the workplace.

Data Migrations

With our deep product and accounting knowledge, we ensure a smooth transition when upgrading or switching software applications, giving you peace of mind that all existing data is intact and accounts are accurate. Our team provides seamless data migrations to comprehensively move your data to QuickBooks so you don’t miss a beat.

Data Conversions

With our deep product and accounting knowledge, we ensure a smooth transition when upgrading or switching software applications, giving you peace of mind that all existing data is intact and accounts are accurate.

File Review

We ensure client financial data is complete and accurate, through full data file review, analysis, and clean-up services to help locate and correct discrepancies, errors in the general ledger, and account balances and transaction history.

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