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How To Backup & Restore Company Data in QuickBooks

Knowing how to backup and restore your company data file in QuickBooks is important in case of a disaster. How often you backup data and how long it takes my vary from business to business. In any case, having both an external and internal backup is recommended. Here’s how it’s…

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How To Update Your Email Address in QuickBooks

Locate and update your email account preferences in QuickBooks. Having your email account setup in QuickBooks can be very beneficial as it allows you to send invoices, sales receipts and more directly from QuickBooks. To set up your email you will need to tell QuickBooks what email platform you will…

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Comment on Reports with this new QuickBooks 2015 feature

Questions for your Accountant? This new feature in QuickBooks 2015 makes communicating easy. Asking your bookkeeper or accountant questions about your financial reports in QuickBooks just got a whole lot easier, starting with QuickBooks 2015. The new “Comments on Reports” feature lets you and your accountant ask each other questions…

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What’s New in QuickBooks Mac 2015

With all the debate over desktop QuickBooks software versus QuickBooks Online, there is a concern that QuickBooks for Mac clients will increasingly be forgotten or neglected. But as of late, the product developers for QuickBooks for Mac are alive, well and continue to make improvements for small businesses using QuickBooks…

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