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QuickBooks Portable File: How to Create and Restore, and Why

If you’re a long-time user of QuickBooks Desktop, you were likely reminded to back up your company file – either through the logoff process, or encounters with QuickBooks Support. There’s a chance your company has used the same file over a sustained period; we’ll say a year or two. With…

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TSheets by QuickBooks (Draft)

  Intuitive time tracking. We here at Out of the Box Technology not only recommend and endorse TSheets, we use it every single day to track not only our hourly employees, but our salaried employees as well. We use TSheets for job costing, reporting, scheduling and so much more.  Tsheets...

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Automate Time Tracking

Automated time tracking intuitive for you and your business.   We here at Out of the Box Technology have been taking advantage of automated time tracking every single day. We use it to track not only our hourly employees, but our salaried employees as well. It greatly eases job costing,...

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QuickBooks Pricing Cheat Sheet For Your Business

Is it time to adjust your pricing? Changing the prices of your company’s services and inventory items can solve one of two problems, depending on why you’re looking for a QuickBooks pricing strategy. Say your vendors have upped their prices. You may choose to increase your affected products (or Inventory…

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  Recurring Invoicing, Payments, and Collections Recur360® was built for QuickBooks Desktop to replace the existing Memorized Transactions, lack of Automatic ACH/eCheck functionality as well as manual Batch Emailing of invoices. For QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, Recur360 allows you to choose the credit card processor of your choice while...

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How to Track QuickBooks Classes, Customer, Job & Vendor Types

QuickBooks’ standard reports are critical to understanding your company’s past, present, and future. But the program also offers innovative tools that can make them significantly more insightful and comprehensive. QuickBooks offers two simple conventions that let you identify related data: classes and types.

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2019 QuickBooks Enterprise: New Features

Lots of new features available in the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019.  Enhanced Pick, Pack, and Ship – Provides a central dashboard that helps customers track and manage sales order fulfillment from start to finish. Manage Payroll Permissions – Helps ensure that only authorized employees have access to payroll…

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