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New Features in QuickBooks Desktop Plus 2022


New Features in QuickBooks Desktop Plus 2022

As stated in our first article, “New Features in QuickBooks 2022,” Intuit confirmed that the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 product line would only be available to purchase via subscription. In addition, Intuit informed us about some new features that will be included in QuickBooks Desktop 2022. Well, you spoke and we listened! In response to popular demand, this is our new features in QuickBooks 2022 article – part two in our two-part series!

In this article, the new features in QuickBooks Desktop 2022 will be discussed in more detail. There will also be some great insight as to how you can leverage these new features to take your business to the next level! It is our hope that you will learn more about QuickBooks 2022 and how to leverage these new features.

Read on to learn a little more about the New Features in QuickBooks 2022, part two of the two-part series!

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New Features in QuickBooks Desktop Plus 2022

You asked for it, and we listened! Here is a more in-depth look at QuickBooks Desktop Plus 2022‘s new features with tips on how to leverage them.

1. Online Bill Payment with Melio®

With Online Bill Payment powered by Melio, you can seamlessly pay all of your vendor bills. When you pay your vendors, QuickBooks will record the bill as paid as soon as charges are deducted from your chosen source of funding. Also, if your payment method requires you to pay a processing fee, Melio will create a vendor account called “Melio.” Then, it will allocate the fee to that vendor as a separate vendor bill.


Online Bill Payment powered by Melio takes vendor payment processing one step further. This new feature will allow you to easily and accurately track your payment processing fee expenditures separately. You will also be able to:

  1. Strategically schedule your payments for a specific day – optimize your cash-on-hand needs.
  2. Strategically determine which payment method to use for each vendor payment (ACH/Debit/Credit) – allows you to take advantage of any discounts that may be offered by vendors for payment with vendor-preferred payment methods.

2. Bill Auto-creation, Uploaded by Vendor Bill Mobile

With the new bill auto-creation/upload feature, you will have the ability to snap a picture and upload a bill on your mobile device. As a reminder, the QuickBooks Desktop app is available for both Android and Apple devices.


Now there is no more time wasted manually entering numbers on bills, uploading bill images, and all the other tedious steps involved in bill management. This feature automates that process, returning precious time to you to be allocated to more important matters, like activities that generate you more revenue! Here’s what you can now do:

  1. Use your mobile device to scan and upload a bill
  2. QuickBooks will automatically match your bill to an existing transaction (QuickBooks will also search for a potential matching Purchase Order, regardless of whether it is Open or Partially Received).
  3. Quickly Review, edit, and match any unmatched receipts to transactions

This significantly cuts down the amount of time that will need to be spent on this process. This saved time can be reallocated to more important matters, allowing you to transform opportunity costs into actionable alternatives.

3. Emailable & Customizable Vendor Bill Payment Stubs

Add your own personalized touch to vendor bill payment stubs and save them in QuickBooks as templates. This will allow you to increase the quality and consistency of vendor communications. You can maintain professionalism by including your business’ logo and include details of the payment made in QuickBooks.


  1. From the menu bar, select Lists > Templates, and select the Bill Payment template. You can also access it from a displayed vendor bill payment transaction by selecting Manage Templates on the formatting ribbon.
  2. Add your personalized touch to your payment stubs and save the template to prevent wasted time repeating the same task.

This will elevate your business’ service quality and professionalism while providing more relevant bill information to your vendors.

4. Selection of Multiple Email Addresses per Customer

With this new feature, you can now choose from a drop-down selection of customer email addresses when emailing invoices. This allows you to store and send to multiple customer email addresses within the customer contact.


Easily cater to customer requests and send specific communications to the customer-preferred email addresses. Use this feature to provide greater flexibility with vendor billing communications.

5. Discovery Hub

Discovery Hub is a new feature built into QuickBooks that describes each new feature and shows you how to use them. You can access it by selecting Discover Hub from the top-right on the menu bar.


  1. Access this feature by selecting Discover Hub from the top-right on the menu bar.
  2. Take a peek at and learn more about the new features included with the release of QuickBooks Desktop Plus 2022.

We recommend that you utilize as many of the new features as possible to further streamline your accounting processes.

New Features for QuickBooks Payments, Assisted Payroll, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2022 & New Integrations

If you have any of the above active accounts, then here are the new features for them! Please note that the Wengility integration does require an extra fee for use. This fee is not charged by Out of the Box Technology.

QuickBooks Payments

New with QuickBooks Payments (Merchant Services) 2022, you will have access to Pre-Pay Links and Instant Deposits! Pre-Pay Links allow you to send URL links to customers so they can make pre-payments. And, you will no longer need to send an invoice because all of the information is visible from the link. Additionally, you will gain access to instant deposits. Your payments from merchants can be immediately deposited into your business bank account.


  1. Turn on the Pre-Payment URL Link so you can offer it as a payment option for your customers. To enable the Pre-Payment URL Link, select Customers > Payment Links from the menu bar. This allows you to further streamline billing by automating invoicing work and collecting early payments.
  2. Turn on Instant Deposits so you gain quick access to cash, which can help you increase cash-on-hand and improve your cash flow position. From the menu bar, select Customers > Billing Solutions > Download Payments to view Instant Deposit details and accept the deposit.

Assisted Payroll

With the Assisted Payroll 2022 upgrades, you can now activate and set up your payroll a lot easier! With the help of a guided Assisted Payroll activation process, you’ll be up and running Assisted Payroll in minutes! Also, take advantage of the Next Day Deposit feature! Payroll info submissions prior to 5:00 PM, PST, the day prior to payday, is the new deadline to ensure debited funds on payday. This gives you extra time to ensure the payroll is accurate.


  1. Use the guided setup feature to get your payroll up and running quickly and neatly.
  2. Activate and enable the Next Day Deposit feature so you can keep your funds longer and afford extra time to ensure payroll accuracy. To ensure this is enabled, Intuit says, “Look in your Payroll Center for the ‘Next day direct deposit’ banner. You can also check your Process payroll by date. If you see the banner or your process payroll by date is the banking day before payday, you can start using Next day direct deposit.”

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 22.0

A/P Approval Process

Now, in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2022, there is an A/P Approval Process that streamlines vendor bill management and oversight. With the new A/P Approval Process feature, you can design your own, customizable vendor bill approval process. You can also organize bills on a dashboard that require specific approval before receiving payment. And, you will know the status of vendor bills with email notifications to selected approvers and the A/P Clerk.


  1. Enable the QuickBooks Enterprise 2022 A/P approval process to streamline your vendor bill management and approval processes. Eradicate any A/P approval management processes external from QuickBooks and maintain complete control over your business purchases. From the Company menu, select Set Up Approval Processes > Approval processes > Get started

A New Integration!

e-Commerce Integration Add-on with Webgility®

Now you can integrate Webgility with QuickBooks! If you have an online storefront presence, this integration was built for you! With three different tiers to choose from (Core, Classic, and Deluxe), the add-on furnishes a harmonious e-commerce integration. This integration includes online stores such as Big Commerce, Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Also included are industry-leading online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.com!


  1. Select an integration tier package and boost your online sales! Select Company > My Company from the menu bar. Here you can choose from three different integration packages.

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