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Infographic: Small Business Cyber Attacks – – For Warned Is For Armed – Be Aware, Be Safe

Because taxpayers are legally responsible for what is on their returns (even if it was prepared by someone else), those who buy into such schemes can end up being penalized for filing false claims or receiving fraudulent refunds.

Infographic: Small Business Cyber Attacks – – For Warned Is For Armed – Be Aware, Be Safe

Vulnerable Software Apps Exposing Your Computer to Small Business Cyber Attacks.

[Editor’s note:  This is the first in a series of posts intended to
help small business owners stay vigilant against cyber-attacks.]

Recent Security Study Google Chrome and Other Browsers’ Widespread Use Opens Door to Cyber Attacks

Heimdal Security, a maker of financial malware protection software, recently identified 8 of the most likely software applications that have been open to attacks.

Always remember three things about small business cyber attacks –

  1. Software is imperfect, just like the people who make it.
  2. No matter how much work goes into a new version of software, it will still be fallible.
  3. Cyber criminals are after those exact glitches, the little security holes in the vulnerable software you use that can be exploited for malicious purposes.

For instance, you may be using add-ons in your chosen browser and believe them to be harmless. Except they can be a way for cyber criminals to distribute malware and unwanted applications, or at least monitoring your browsing data. Suffice to say that malware creators are having a field day with this sort of attack pattern! Solution: install a reliable browser security app-extension for your preferred browser and always install the latest edition.

Source: Andra Larisa Zaharia

For more info, check out this new infographic from Heimdal Security:

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