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Features Added to QuickBooks for Mac Since 2013

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Features Added to QuickBooks for Mac Since 2013

QuickBooks for Mac has been getting better each year with new improvements, features and upgrades that are making the accounting software increasingly user friendly. Check out this list of features that have been added to QuickBooks for Mac since 2013 and see if upgrading to the latest version will make your life easier with new time saving features.

Feature Added/Improved in QuickBooks for Mac201520142013
Get an overview of your orders, what you owe, and what you’ve paid in one place with Expense TrackerX  
Create budgets by fiscal year then track your progress against your goalsX  
Save time by batch-importing invoices, payments, and billsX  
Create shortcuts with Left Hand Toolbar to move around QuickBooks faster than everXX 
Keep important customer, vendor, and transaction information at your fingertips with customizable CentersXX 
Income Tracker shows all your income-producing transactions in one spot, including overdue invoices so you can remind customers to pay upXX 
Run reports that identify your top sales performers, whether they’re employees or vendorsXX 
Quickly adjust sales tax paid to your account including sales tax paid from credit cards accountsXX 
Invoice multiple customers all at once instead of one at a timeXXX
Attach contracts, proposals, receipts, and other important documentsXXX
Easily reconcile QuickBooks data with bank statements and help minimize errorsXXX
Import existing product, customer, or service informationXXX
Offer Intuit Payment Network as a payment option on invoices via an electronic linkXXX

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