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5 Trends for 2018 You Need to Know

 With the rollover from 2017 to 2018, many entrepreneurs are getting ready to launch new businesses. Is starting a new business in your future? You’re not alone, estimates forecast approximately 42 million businesses will be operational by the year 2026, in the US alone!

When outlining a plan, keeping up to date on large trends that could benefit or hinder your business is of utmost importance. Below we will outline five trends that are believed to have the most potential for impact on small businesses in 2018.


5 Productivity Apps for Small to Medium Businesses.

Have you ever found yourself scrambling for more time? Racing against the clock to meet a specific deadline? I know I have, and I’m sure some of our readers have as well. Thankfully for those of us who may not be the best at time management, or have trouble focusing,  the world of productivity applications is full of useful utilities to counter these daily real world problems.

End of Year Financial Preparation and Execution
The new Transit Tax does not go into effect until July 1, but Intuit/QuickBooks has already put it into the payroll items list so it is affecting payroll.

Year End Small Business Accounting Checklist [Infographic]

Don’t forget to book your year-end review! As we come to the end of yet another fiscal year, and approach the start of a new tax season, ebs Associates is recommending that our clients take time to schedule a year-end review with their ebs Financial Controller. Depending on your needs, this review can be done over the phone, via email or in person.

  • General Ledger Review
  • Budget Analysis & Planning
  • Tax Prep & Plan for 1099s & W2s
  • Review Insurance Policies, Leases & Loan Documents
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Are You Using QuickBooks’ Reminders?

We can’t emphasize this enough: QuickBooks’ Reminders can prevent countless problems with your finances. How do you know when it’s time to pay a bill or follow up on overdue customer payments or print payroll checks? If you’re still using a paper calendar and sticky notes and file folders, there’s a good chance you’re missing some important deadlines on occasion. Manual methods aren’t effective enough when you’re dealing with your business finances. You might experience:

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