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Recur360: New Features

Recur360 is always adding new features and making improvements based on our customers feedback and experiences. Watch this on-demand presentation and hear from Barb Fidler, our Recur360 expert, as she discusses what is new this quarter with the app.See our featured recognition in CFO Tech Outlook Magazine...

Sales Tax Compliance Resources

Avalara presented a great Technology Tuesday on Sales Tax Compliance and the changes happening in recent months due to the Wayfair vs. South Dakota case. Below are some great resources related to this hot topic!Everything You Want to Know About Sales Tax Compliance - presented 10/30/2018Wayfair vs. South Dakota Supreme...

QuickBooks Pricing Cheat Sheet For Your Business

Is it time to adjust your pricing? Changing the prices of your company’s services and inventory items can solve one of two problems, depending on why you’re looking for a QuickBooks pricing strategy.

Say your vendors have upped their prices. You may choose to increase your affected products (or Inventory Parts in your QuickBooks Item List) to maintain your profit margin, or maybe an item or service has not been moving well. A drop in price might trigger improved sales.

Accounting 101: Back to the Basics

We've made available a few video clips from Lisa McCarthy's presentation at Service World EXPO 2018. Complete the form above to receive your free links!For even more from Lisa McCarthy, and other great downloads, check out our Free ResourcesInterested in Lisa's book to accompany the presentation? Email to order...

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